I have had stomach pains almost every day for almost 2 years now. It drives me crazy. Already followed several diets and therapies, hospital examinations, allergy tests, you name it but the cause remains unknown. In the meantime, I have developed a deep respect for people with a chronic illnesses, because being sick sucks. Especially dealing with the pain, which is sometimes there all day, makes me desperate and gloomy. I am finding out more and more that I store too much stress in my body. Or rather I haven’t found the right way to discharge myself yet. And certainly, as a highly sensitive person that can be a quest. 

I’m automatically more outwardly focused, on how things are going with the other person rather than that I take notice for myself. If you don’t know how to discharge yourself, then things pile up. Likewise with me. And because of the pain, you think it is good to rest a lot, but I have now found out that I can be a bit more active! So more yoga, running, walking and art help me deal with feelings of anxiety and stress. Experience for yourself what it does to you when you take off your shoes and stand with your bare feet in a park or forest. I tell you it’s delicious. I immediately feel the release. I have to admit it’s quite chilly now but it’s well worth it. Did you know that we humans are actually like walking batteries? Where we make contact with the cosmos through our crown and our feet with the earth. So it’s quite unnatural that we are not in contact with the earth. Just think for yourself when was the last time that your bear feed toughed the earth? Probally only in summertime right?