Did you knew you can thange the molecules of your water by your thoughts? Unfortunately the water that comes out of the tap still contains quite a bit of heavy metals. Well, not surprising when you consider what people flush down the sink every day. But it seems that through your thoughts you can transform even the most polluted water. Became curious? Then take a look on YouTube for the documentary “The hidden message in water” by Masuru Emotu.

What I’ve been doing recently (and no, I don’t succeed every day either) is to boil a pan with water in the evening and pour it into a glass bottle in the morning. Glass is preferred over plastic because plastic eventually releases microparticles of plastic and you don’t want that in your body, right? Then I wrote love on a piece of paper and glued it to the bottle. But of course you can also write something else on it. Peace, rest, strength, etc. Every time you take a sip of water you think about love, for example. And since your thoughts are creative, I am convinced that it can effect the molecules. Not sure if you can measure that 😉 but you can believe it, right?!